First impressions are often good indicators of the level of quality of the companies we approach. Which is why we entrusted PJJ Productions with this task, both for our automated switchboard operators and our queued messages, through which professional sounding voices provide advice and information on various promotions in the fields where we operate. For CAA Quebec, this is a business relationship built on trust that began more than 10 years ago!

Yves Caron,
Analyst, Telephony and Information Technology, CAA Quebec

Voice professionals for interactive voice response, on-hold messaging and in-store messages

We’ve provided a sampling of the main voice professionals we use to produce sound recordings. Professional actors can also be brought in as required.

Voice and an on-hold messages produced by each voice professional are available for you to sample. If you require bilingual messages, we can develop them using any combination of English and French voice professionals.

To meet our clients specific needs in terms of interactive voice response, on-hold messaging and corporate radio messages, we have divided our services into two categories.

Note on our voices

The voices you hear in these samples are the voices of professionals whose career is focused on the use of their voices. As a result, some may not be available for certain projects or additional fees may apply. Before making any decisions, inquire with one of our representatives.

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