PJJ Productions has been providing us with professional, personalized service for four years. Their team’s responsiveness, efficiency, reliability and speed make them our top choice.
PJJ makes a point of keeping us up to date and helping us evolve.
We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them.

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On-hold and voice messaging: products developed just for you

PJJ Productions has developed technologies enabling us to build custom solutions that are tailored to your company’s realities. Your on-hold messaging and your interactive voice prompts are created as part of a network that you control.

Maximize the effectiveness of the time callers spend on-hold

When you place a caller on hold, you are putting the caller in your company’s virtual waiting room. So it follows that the attention you pay to the ambience of the on-hold experience shows the importance you place on the people who call your company. In addition, callers will be more receptive to messages you convey.

If your message, for example, is smart, friendly, informative, people will be that much more likely to really listen to what is being said. Make the most of this captive audience by telling them about your services, a current promotion, your business hours, or your Web address.

A personalized on-hold message will prevent your clients from having to listen to annoying music, or worse your competitors’ ads!

A simple and effective on-hold messaging solution

At PJJ Productions, we use equipment that manages on-hold messages simply and effectively.

For you this means:

In recent decades, on-hold messaging has developed into a major marketing strategy. Put your trust in PJJ productions and you’ll stay one step ahead of the competition.

Making a good impression with interactive voice response

The voice that greets callers is the first impression your clients have of your company. It is paramount that this voice reflects the image you want to project.

For interactive or courtesy messages that provide the caller with an opportunity to select the desired service or any other type of message, our professional voice prompts will give your company a distinctive image.

A message needs to be concise, contain quality information, and be easy to follow. Our communication specialists will advise you on drafting effective messages.

Included among our interactive voice response services:

Our professional writing, translation, on-hold messaging and interactive voice response services

On-hold or interactive voice response messages can be more than tedious if not done properly. PJJ Productions’ writing team carefully crafts our messages to ensure they make being on hold a pleasant experience while projecting the image you want for your business.

We provide you with an exclusive set of on-hold messaging scripts that will help you liven up your messages.

Voice prompt professionals

The voice prompt professionals we work with are seasoned professionals all well recognized in their field.

Listen to our voices tell us which one you like.

We operate our on-hold messaging system remotely

PJJ Productions uses advanced technology to transmitting on-hold messaging. With messages downloaded using high-performance digital IP terminals, you receive high quality messages, around the clock, with no deterioration in sound quality.

The terminal is quickly installed. Your messages are downloaded through your high speed Internet connection. And the terminal connects to any telephone system equipped with a music-on-hold port.

Contract-free services

We offer a “turnkey” on-hold messaging plan that involves no long-term commitment and can be cancelled without charge.

The plan includes digital terminal rental and installation, design, writing and translation fees, as well as message recording. The equipment comes with guaranteed replacement within 72 hours for the duration of the agreement.

Retail chains and groups: a standard message adapted to your needs

Just imagine: you can communicate the same message to all your customers, in every branch more effectively than any advertising and at a fraction of the cost!

On-hold and voice messaging has experienced considerable growth across Canada in the past 25 years because these systems let you communicate a specific standardized message to customers in different branches or franchise outlets. Moreover, these messages can be adjusted as needed to reflect changing business activities.

We have acquired expertise in developing special programs for many different banners and business sectors, and have the capacity to create a group program tailored to your needs.

You don’t need 20 or 50 branches to benefit from a group rate. We will set up a program for as few as three or four sites.

In addition, our agreements with various telecommunications firms allow us to serve businesses throughout Canada and the United States.

For detailed information on our interactive voice response (RVI) and on-hold telephone messaging services please contact us.